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I now more confused than I was to begin with, though this is probably a good thing. At this time, rather than trying to go further in understanding the theory, I have some more practical questions.

For the record, I am looking to buy a DSLR. One of the factors which prompted me to post this was that I had been reading on a different thread how the D50s 6mp censor was heads and tails ahead of its competitors (whether higher mp or not)in terms of picture quality, though this difference was easiest to percieve in long exposure shots. Though I know that this is going off topic, I:d like to ask whether this is actually the case or not?

In particular, my intention is indeed to make large prints, two by three feet is a good ball-park, so iq is an issue.


Admittedly, most of that went over my head. So the practical difference between 6 and10 mp is only about 1.5 inches each way?! To be honest, thats far less than I expected. If thats the case and picture quality is a possible sacrifice than 6mp is surely the way to go. Is the difference in print size really so small?

Also, the point that you necessarily view a large print from further back seems debatable to me -- after all it depends on how it was meant to be viewed.


You seem of the opinion that more mps would indeed be handy for prints the size that I am considering. Was your experience with dslrs or point and shoots?

- Bpp

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