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Default Voice Recording

I'm planning to buy a Pentax Optio S, but before I buy this I need to know how well voice recording works.

I want to be able to use it in a classroom to record the voice of the teacher etc. Is this possible or does the speaker need to be within 10 cm (very close) to the camera?

On another forum I read:
I used my optio 550 to record the lecture in my class. It took 1 hour 18 mins and the record was ok when I listened it in my camera. However, it only showed 7mins 6second after transferred to my PC. What's the matter with it? Can anyone tell me the answer? Thanks a lot!
The video playback is the same too.

Stephen Horlick wrote:
> Even at full volume I find the voice memo very hard to hear even in
> a quiet room. Anybody share this experience?
Can somebody tell me how well it works and if you have experienced the same problem?
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