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The Sony would also be my choice but the review on put me off. It's too noisy for me as I want to be able to shoot in quite low lit scenery. The sample pictures provided also looked a little too blurry for my taste. I also read some lense reviews now and think I'd better just get a 350D, the 28-135mm IS lense and another lense shortly after I recieved the camera. I'm not quite shure if my decision is the right one for two reasons however and would be grateful if someone can give me a hint:

1. I want rather crisp pictures and read in some other threads that many favor Nikons because they are sharper? Is that true?

2. I don't like the feeling of a 350D. I went to a store today to check it out and it's actually too small for my hands and feels cheap.

What lense would you get with a Nikon D80 (pricier I know - might also wait for the 400D then). I couldn't find anything compareable to the 28-135mm lense for the Nikon. I wish there would be a similar VR lense. Should I consider third party lenses?
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