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cope wrote:
meanstreak wrote:
I almost feel that in a case of a blatant error like this, they should offer you a new Sony. In fact, this whole no parts thing is so bad, they should just give anyone with a 5D in warranty that has a problem a new Sony. Of course it will never happen becauseSony would lose a lot of money and someKM ownerswould find ways to cause a repair issue to get a new Sony.

Sony has been buying back *un-repairable* 5D and 7D at full price. They have a 7 year prorated buy back, but most I have heard from have been given full proce. Since some paid well over $1000 for their camera, this is an equitable solution IMO. There is some indication that Sony does have parts but has chosen not to use them, but in any event, giving your money back costs Sony as much or more than giving an Alpha 100.
It had actually been repaired. Sony had me send it to there Laredo service center. (Laredo doesn't work on DSLRs BTW) Who then shipped it off to Precision Camera. Precision replaced the shutter and CCD assembly and shipped it back to Laredo. I think it was supposed to have been shipped back to me. So a couple of the theories are Precision shipped the wrong camera back to Laredo or the my camera was shipped but Laredo has a sloppy process when the camera doesn't have a work order attached to it.

It does kind of burn me a bit, but the fact that I got to replace it with a 7D is extinguishing the flames a bit :-). I do process engineering and software development for a living and if you ask me Sony really needs some help in that area.

Oh and they did offer to pay me what ever it would cost me to purchase a new 5D and I found a couple where the guys were wanting $7-800 for the kit. Which is way more than I paid for it. I was gonna say well we can do this or you can send me an A100. But for me, the 6mp sensor was a better deal. Especially in a 7D

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