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cope wrote:
meanstreak wrote:
I almost feel that in a case of a blatant error like this, they should offer you a new Sony. In fact, this whole no parts thing is so bad, they should just give anyone with a 5D in warranty that has a problem a new Sony. Of course it will never happen becauseSony would lose a lot of money and someKM ownerswould find ways to cause a repair issue to get a new Sony.

Sony has been buying back *un-repairable* 5D and 7D at full price. They have a 7 year prorated buy back, but most I have heard from have been given full proce. Since some paid well over $1000 for their camera, this is an equitable solution IMO. There is some indication that Sony does have parts but has chosen not to use them, but in any event, giving your money back costs Sony as much or more than giving an Alpha 100.
I realize that they have been buying back units at full price, but some of the current KM owners are not going to be able to easily get replacements for their cameras and may have a lot tied up in lenses so they should do whatever it takes to get the job done. It is just a frustrating situationsincemany of us wonder what will happen ifwe have a problem.

The best thing in most cases for us and them would just be to fix the camera. For example, I have a 5D that I paid 265 dollars for because I took the time and energy to make several trips to buy it off the display at Circuit City until they finally sold it to me.Buying me out would do me no good since I would have a hard time getting one for that price. I'm not suggesting that I am entitled toaSony Alph if that camera went bad, I would just want it fixed. Undoubtably, itmightseem fair to refund me, but that camera is worth more than what I paid. I just happened to negotiate a good deal.

I think most of us just want what is fair and just. We are not looking for a handout. We bought products thinking we would get support and support is what we should get. Sony assumed all of KMs responsiblities and I expected some bumps in the transition. I knew this going in since I bought my 7D after the KM/Sony aquisition, but whats fair is fair. Wedeserve to be treated fairly when it comes to service and support.

As far as I'm concerned, any bugs in the 5Ds and 7Ds that can be addressed with firmware upgrades should provided. Accessories should still be available. Many 7D owners would like to purchase the vertical grip without paying through the nose because there are none to be had. They could keep making them if they chose with the Sony label. At least the prices of the KM flashes finally dropped because now people can buy the Sony version.

Anyway... I've ranted enough... I think I need to go take some pictures.
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