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I think you're right, Meanstreak. It's not fair to offer me what I paid for the camera when no other equitable replacement exists at that cost. If my 7d goes down, I cannot buy another for what I paid, and the Alpha 100is not an equivalent model. WhatSony needs to do is repair the units that need repair. There is no such thing as an 'un-repairable' camera. There is no reason thatSony cannot order any part, they can be manufactured as easily today as in the past.There may be cameras that cost more to repair than replace though, that is not my problem- it is Sony's. They bought this problem with all the technology and intellectual property they bought from KM. IMO if they cannot or will not repair your camera, they need to offer you a equivalent replacement. It may be a hard line to tow, but I consider it the poorest of customer service when Sony simply takes the profitfrom KM while trying to remove the cost at our expense. This widespread problem is not going unnoticed, I have seen this factmentionedin print.

I cannot be alone in thinking- if they cannot service my KM properly, I will move to Nikon or even the dreaded camera manufacturer that starts with the third letter of the alphabet. My lenses are enjoying a marked upturn in prices anyway. There is already a big question in my mind as to whether or not I would buy a Sony body in the future. The Sony lenses are not any cheaper than N or C lenses (and there are less of them), the noise from the 10.x mp is fairly bad. They're showing KM owners now how they can expect to be treated as Sony customers.Sony's 20-25% market share targetlooks unattainable to me right now, they should keep in mind that KM had only 3% and had excellent repair/service. (I've sent inmany Minolta bodies for various things and never had one 'un-repairable' or lost. Never in over 20 years. I have had to pay for some, but they were always fixed.)

There are still KM bodies out there new, so the buyout may work short term (since you may well make money in this market) but in the long term this isn't an acceptable way to do business.
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