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Actually, as Mary implied, with a DSLR it's often not possible to stop down enough. Keep in mind that DoF is a function of the true focal length, not the 35mm equivalent, and compact digicams have much shorter lenses.

For example, take the rather large Pany Lumix FZ30. If you're doing macro at 16mm (~76mm in 35mm equivalent). At f/11 and 10" subject distance, your DoF is 1.27".

Now take for example the Pentax ist DL. The shortest macro lens for it would probably be a 50mm lens (~76mm in 35mm equivalent). At f/32 (assuming you can stop down that much, it might stop at f/22), and 10" subject distance, your DoF is a mere 1.05".

You can play around with other settings on

Trust me, if you're shooting macro with a DSLR you'll take all the DoF you can get.

meanstreak wrote:
MaryRose wrote:
I also found that the depth of field is a lot different in DSLR's than point and shoots! I really miss those macro shots where everything was in focus automatically!

Unless I misunderstand you...I don't understand how come you can'tget everything in focuswith the DSLR byusingthe right aperture? Having said that, for shots of flowers and stuff like that, most shooters only want the subject in focus.
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