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Oh, I agree. It's not likely that you're going to buy an entry level body and then go get that $7,000 APO lens (especially when there is no upgrade path available in bodies). Sure-Sony may make a pro level body, but when and will I want it?

My point on equivalents was not for a 5d, which an arguement could be made that the a100 is equivalent to a 5d (I don't think it is though) but for a 7d, where sony doesn't have an equivalent body.

It's not just that though, their whole concept of customer service is on parade, and to me it doesn't look promising. Sending money to repurchase a new KM body only works if it can actually be replaced. Otherwise, you've just got a stack of expensive glass and a entry level camera with questionable warranty coverage as your system.

I also agree that they should have offered you another KM body with a warranty- at least give you the option. Then you'd be here bragging about their service instead of bemoaning it.
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