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Have you considered swapping out the KM 5D with the Sony Alpha 100 in your course at all? Feel wise it is virtually identical (in many respects it is the same camera)

mtclimber wrote:

I am a professional Digital Camera Instructor. One of my most sucessful workshop is called, "An Introduction to Consumer Level DSLR Cameras." The workshop is a combination of classroom instruction and actual shooting sessions where the attendees get to use the Canon 350D/XT, the KM 5D, the Nikon D-50, The Olympus E-300 and the E-500 and the Pentax DS and K100D cameras.

Without fail, the attendies complain about the grip and the viewfinder on the Canon XT, they memoan the fact that the KM 5D and 7D are no longer in production, they like the grip and viewfinder on the Nikon D-50, they like the grip and the viewfinder on the Olympus cameras, especially the E-500, and they rave about the Pentax K100D's greatviewfinder, grip, SR (shake reduction) and excellent Dynamic Range.

So based on the 372 attendees who have gone through the workshop since I added the Pentax K100D, who are unanamous in their approval. I would surely look at the Pentax K100D.The K100D,along with the KM cameras, now out of production have Optical Stabilization which is a feature that must be used for awhile to really appreciate it, but it definitiely does make a huge difference in your photos. Only those attendees who are really into post processing their photos can appreciate the much wider spectrum between black and wide that the K100D has, but it is sure there.

So I truly believe that the Pentax K100D deserves a good look.

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