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gotcha on all 3 questions!


I work for the Federal Govt. and can take a early retirment based on time and age.

My pension will not be the greatest but I have been contributing to a govt. 401K plan (like a I>R>A> and to several IRA'S and I have been buying tax free municipal bonds for several years. I may notbe able to live on Central Park West but I will be comfortable when I sell my deceased parents house and buy a coop.

I think a small scale e-bay set up could be interesting.

I want to pick up a interesting thing in a thrift shop or garage sale and test the water.

I understand that you can only sell one item at a time till you reach a specified number of satisfied buyer reports.

I have some books on metal detecting and some possible collectibles that I will try.

You have seen presidential white house pens. I have a new one in the box from Nelson Rockefella when hewas vp.

A Belmont Race Track Secretariate button.



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