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Thanks romerojpg and tcook!

I use F8 because it is the smallest aperture on the FZ7, if I had the option I would use F11 or smaller. Smaller apetures give a greater depth of field.

When shooting with fast shutter speeds and the small aperture I get the black lcd. Normally I just try to hold the camera as steady as possible, click the shutter button downthe rest ofthe way, and pray that everything turns out okwhen the flash fires. The jumping spider was looking at the camera when I focused on it, but he turned while the screen was black. I was disapointed that I didn't get the full face shot but I like the final picture. It reminds me of some of myold school photos from grade school, the photographer would make us look at some point on the wall then snap our picture.

Posting images from Flickr isn't too hard.
  1. Click the "Insert Image" icon andput the photos URL from box #2 on your flickr photo page into the pop up. [/*]
  2. Highlight the image inside the post then click the "Insert Link" icon . Now put the first URL from box #1 into the pop up.[/*]
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