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fishycomics wrote:
as for the settings we have no control as to have auto always at default if you had it on cloudy for that whole day yes it be great but what if thesun came out while still on cloudy?

all cam's tend to be this way unless they have a preset

Only cam hada preset was theIspan 920 for a screen saver as you start up the cam?


Yeah but still I found that when using 8800 to take picsindoors the auto setting won't cut it for me. I'd much more like to save the last setting I used before turning off the 8800 (there's a much bigger chance for me to take thepicture in the same or simmilar surroundings)than having it always revert to auto mode (which as I've said just won't take that good pictures for me whilst indoors, outdoors it's preety good, but indoors bad).

I couldn't agree more also with R. and his post in the other topic on shutter sounds, we need to be able to turn them off (AIPTEK isn't japaneese, right?! 'cause I think it's a law in Japan that that soundcan not be turned off, has something to do with taking pictures in places that forbid picture taking, I think).


BTW, do you knowwhat's the difference between HW 0 and HW 1 models?! Are Firmwares for HW 1 usable on 0's and vice versa??!
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