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Fishycomics, that isn't a lens cover. I believe that's the mechanical shutter. If you look at the specs on the Taiwanese site here :

You can see 'Fixed lens with mechanical shutter'

I had assumed that the MPVR had this as well, but apparently not as it is not listed in the specs and you mentioned it as something new on the PVR as well.

You can see it in action when you take a still image. You will see it close shut briefly and open again just like on the old film cameras.

I wonder why they are using a mechanical shutter in the DV8800. It seems to be the only one using it or at least listing it in the specs unless others have noticed this on other models?

I notice they also don't list a mechanical shutter on the PocketDV Z100 Pro which is similar to the Zoom Dv6 just out here in the USA.
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