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Thanks for the explanation about the DOF!!!

Gadgetnut - did you make a decision yet?

It seems like your main concern is it becoming a "money pit". hmmm. That might not be a concern if you'd be happy with a "walkaround" lense. I must admit that I have been frustrated that our lenses only focuses to 17cm but in general I am content with 18 - 200mm. I take pics for recreation and family events only so the one lense has been sufficient.

I did just order an almost-compact to carry with me all the time. It focuse to 1 cm so I'm hoping it willsatisfy mymacro cravings. I'm holding my breath to see how I like it as I'd like it to wash the dishes, too, of course! But you say the size of theDSLRwon't bother you so you should be happy with your choice.

So do tell please! Did you decide?
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