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Hi Allison,
These are the shots I promised to take with the 500mm long lens. You should probably interpret these as the minimum the lens is capable of. While I use manual focusing on some of my other lenses I kind of rely on the confirmation light and beep. This camera did not provide any feedback with this lens. Also, I was handholding this lens and found it quite difficult to hold steady, in part, I think, because it is so light for its length. I do not believe SR was working as I did not tell the camera what focal length the lens was.

One other thing I noted with this lens is that the controls are mounted upside down! When on the camera, the guide numbers are underneath. I don't know if all of them are this way or if mine slipped through quality control.

First shot is an anhinga, resized but otherwise untouched. Exif should be present in all of these. I had the lens set to f/11.

My take on it, thus far, is that it will be a fun lens to play and it was worth the little money I paid for it. If I get more serious about long telephoto, though, I am sure I will want to upgrade it.

Hope that helps,

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