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I was also debating between the Sigma SD9 before I got my 10D. Honestly, I am glad I had gone with my Canon. Its Sigma's first digital, and then to introduce a raw mode only camera to me wasnt totally a bright idea... :? Also I guess you have to use their software that is included to get the pictures off the camera. PC's dont see the device as a mass storage device... ack. Lots of small complants from the few owners that do have it. And like you said. No optional lens brand selection which means a monopoly kind of thing going on. Your at their mercy of their inflating pricing no matter what... Been there done that. IE: Olympus E-10 with the optional TCON-3 or whatever it is. Its just a 3x multiplyer and cost around $650 bucks now!? I sold my E-10 and the accessories for around $1200 which was a nice down payment for my 10D. A few extra bucks and then I got a camera that is obviously way more professional and versitile and the accessories are reasonalby priced and a larger range of them...

To me, it was way over a wise choice. Even look at the battery grip. Canon's grip $199.99 plus $69.99 for a extra battery. Or Olympus with there 400-500$ grip. To me, them extra bucks could be used for something else. Maybe like a cute closeup lens or something... :lol: Dont get me wrong here... I liked the Olympus brand and actually Ive had more Olympus digitals then any other. Just it was time to move on...
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