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Ok... guys. I'm just gonna say a few things. A review is a review. Its one man's opinion. We can chose to pay attension to it, or not. I, personally chose to listen to steve's review. (Though, I listened to his sample pictures more. :3)

Also, if Steve compares all the cameras to DSLR's, why would he give the Z612 such a great review? I think Steve compares consumer cameras, with
consumer cameras. And DSLR's with DSLR's.

So yeah, if you want the camera, get it. Don't care what the reviews say. But, its also not fair to blame Steve for giving his opinion(for the people who thinks he compares all consumer cams to DSLR's.). That's just not right. Everybody has an opinion.
So yes, for those of you wanting the P712, just get it you really want it. But, don't get mad at Steve. I personally think Steve has some of the best reviews on the web. Not real technical, not too picky. And most of the time, un-biased. I mean, seriously, what other well known review sites give Kodak good reviews? ;D (Also, if the P712 meets your needs, I say just get it. Ignore the reviews. But, don't hope that the reviewer got a defective camera. Because, wouldn't you want to know what some of the pictures looked like before you buy? If they're not so great, and don't meet your needs, shop around. )


P.S. sorry for the rant, I needed to get it out of my system. O.o
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