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Dear Friends!

Hi all! I was reminiscing through some photos from a year ago (actually this photo was taken 364 days ago... that is tomorrow it will be exactly a year since I made it.

And I decided to touch it up.. taken with my trusty Fuji F601 point and shoot.Since then I've bought a Canon DSLR 350D / XT, but my Fuji still goes with me everywhere (because it's small enough to!)

It was one of the most enjoyable short hikes I've been on (with two friends). Btw, in Australia (where I was born and grew up- we'd call it a "bush walk", not a hike!) The person on the right is one of the two friends who was on that walk. We only saw 2 other people for the whole 3 days we were on the walk! Weather was magificent!

What do you think.... any good? If you look carefully you can see two small shepherd huts cradled in the valley, facing each other.

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