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it now appears that this new K10D is going to make coffee and launch the space shuttle after is sorts out the middle east...

... will make me run to the camera store rather than walk
... after purchasing it, will you be able to "walk on water". too?

I have made up my mind on the K100D, but with the announcement next week, and my wife's keeping me held off on a purchase till my birthday (in a bit over a week away, now), so the boys will have something to get me that I really want - I am starting to think that .... for a couple (of hundred) dollars more, should I be an early adopter, take the risk and maybe go for the K10? The K100 should be pretty much just fine for what I want to do and probably a few ounces lighter while a couple cubic inches smaller. I am sure I could easily grow into all the bells and whistles on either camera. If it makes coffee - that would be great, as my father-in-law, who was a NYC policeman will not touch my wife's coffee. I also believe that it will turn me into an Ansel Adams (just joking).

We're leaving on a quick vacation to Cabo San Lucas late in late October, and I was hoping to have the camera (with a bit of practice time) for the trip.

So, do people think that the reviews will be out pretty fast, or will it be like chinese water torcher, with them dripping out ever so sloooowly over the next couple of months?

Given the good reception, quality, low noise and immaging capability of the recently introduced K100 should I take a flyer that the K10 will be pretty much up to the Pentax standard and expectations?

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