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Very interestingly, the high ISO performance of the EOS 400D is really excellent!!!:OI cannot express to you how good it is.

Recently imaging-resource took some test shots with both the EOS 400D and the Nikon D80...The Canon beats the Nikon flat in the high ISO performance. Dpreview forums went crazy last few days in the discussions with defensive Nikon fans around.

The Canon 400D ISO 1600 (ISO2000)maintains smooth and clean edges while the Nikon D80 already have the edges all noise eaten and rough at the ISO 1600. The images of the Canon at ISO 1600 (2000) still look silky smooth whereabout the Nikon ones at ISO 1600 already start to look watercolor like with NR artifacts.

I have a good mind to drop the K100D for the EOS 400D!

Sorry for being over excited!! All CANON dSLRs are GREAT.

BTW, did I also mentioned? The Canon 400D also maintains more detailat the highest ISO than the Nikon D80at the highest ISO.

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