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That was why I got into hybrids as well since most digital cameras use the MJPEG codec which is not as efficient in terms of memory usage as MPEG4. Sure there are cameras which use MPEG4 now, but I find myself in the position of not liking the camera or liking the camera but it has no MPEG4 movie mode!

I like to research my cameras for months sometimes, but with a year old son I don't have the luxury of time for this as I'd miss out those funny moments as he grows up! Therefore I bought one of these hybrids. I had one before but managed to lose it, which upset me greatly!

What firmware version do you have on your PVR? I have had audio/sync problems but it seems not to happen all the time.

I have 3104. Fishycomics said his was 3200 but I wasn't clear if he still had audio/sync problems. I am sure he'll clarify this for me.

I am going to call Aiptek tomorrow and see if they can give me the latest firmware. Their email support, sadly, seems next to useless so I have to resort to calling them and even then I am not impressed as so far the guy I have got twice seemed to have a bit of an attitude.

I guess at the end of the day these are just cheap comodity items to them and they only really have support as a courtesy to answer basic user operation questions and nothing too technical.

Contrast this to the support of a couple of mp3 players I own who were very helpful and one even went out of her way to help me and this one was for a cheap player.
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