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danielchtong wrote:
It is the pict looking up the viewfinder.
Raise the top metal locking mechanism to release (to drop) the retaining clip which holds the screen in place.

The rest for D or DS should be easy.

DL has a 'n' shape shim just behind the screen


Catbells wrote:
Angle Finder wrote:
Focus screen cleaning is easy, but requires care. This is the procedure I follow for mine (twice in the last 18 months)

Remove screen after operating the retaining clip.
Just read this without looking inside the camera;mine is *istDS.

Could you elaborate on the retaining clip.

I've seen images of replacement screens where a special set of tweezers appears to be used to remove & replace the screen.

Thanks for the info.

Hi, I think that danielchtong has covered it pretty thoroughly withhis photo post - it really is one of those tasks that sounds difficult, but is so easy you'll wonder why you worried about it afterwards.

Tweezers are supplied with the official screen kits - butI think they're works of the Devil. You're only supposed to grab the screen by the little tab in the corner - but a lot of people have strayed onto the screen surface with the metal tweezers and damaged the screen.

Some people suggest using a cloth to pad the sreen when using tweezers, but i prefer to dispense with the tweezers completely.
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