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Hello again friends of this list, thanks a lot for the good information. I'm now able to take a decision about this little beast. With all the information gathered here and on the Net, I can now say that S5200 and 9000 Fuji cams are plagued with high levels of purple fringing. This is their downside and maybe their demise cause some people in fact won't live with this. I could be one of these person. PF is an aberration that cause me more concern than vignetting. But the S5200 is also a very good camera when it comes to the other qualities that muts have photos. They come out sharp when you know how to use the camera and you're in control of the settings. I found that S5200 delivers much when used in Manual mode and you know that the cam has a tendancy to overexpose. Bottom line, as you so said it nelmr, "put up or shut up". I'm attaching a photo taken in what I find almost ideal lighting (to my taste) late afternoon sun. No post processing here, only resizing. No PF in that situation. So the camera is a keep if you accept its abnormal PF amount and trade this with a 10x zoom, RAW possibility and superb handling. Over a, lets's say, Sony DSCW30 or Canon A620. What do you think of my conclusion friends. Germain.
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