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RiceHigh, Thanks.. .A lot of info that I'll have to read through when I get more time.

John, I've seen that quite a bit.. I'm no stranger to restoring and cleaning older cameras, it's how I make part of my living (Rolleiflex) and intend to pay for this particular purchase. Still a few months out from doing it so I have time to gather the info.. One thing I've really noticed is that these backward compatable dSLRs have created a new market for a lot of the older stuff.. I've seen mixed reviews on it and it may just be a matter of personal taste.

I was all set to buy the K100D until I saw the Rebel XTi and had then made my decision on that one. Yesterday, staggered over here to Steve's place and saw the press release for the K10D... :? I'll make a decision someday..


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