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It is a bombshell that the batt (K10D) is not that proprietory at all

According to this fellow, it takes Sony prop battery ( LI-50 battery).

Also this fellow said it is compatible with Ricoh & Pana as well
>Tom Caldwell wrote:
> Lucky my LX1 and GR-D and R4 all use the same batteries and
> chargeres - the chargers look the same and batteries charged on one
> charger work in the other make's camera. No sign of any explosions
> so far.
> I would heartily endorse all moves to make batteries
> interchangeable. Having several different cameras it is quite an
> exercise to pack chargers and spare batteries on a trip.

If Pentax has that thinking, why not they also use the most popular batt Canon 511? If that is so, a lot of Canon users may have less worries about accessories.

Nonetheless I would say hurrah for Pentax. It is the next best thing after AAs of course. But I can see the need to have more powerful batt.

Daniel, Toronto
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