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afayec wrote:
Great shots. What type of editing did you do in #4 to make her skin look so smooth?

I like 1 and 4 the best.

Umm just used ps cs2. Used a quick mask to mask up the skin i wanted to smooth. Excluding nose, ears etc, where i want to keep detail. once selected just used a feather radius of 50pixels to make it blend with the unaltered skin. Used the "median" noise option rather than the "gaussian" blurring option which is traditionally used. I think it gives a much more natrual blend of shades. and then just played with the smoothing. In this shot i pushed it quite high just to see how it looked. To try to minimise the plastic skin look, while the mask is still selected just added about 2% mono noise and what this does is it creates the illusion of slight texture which makes it look more skin like. When i get home i will post a portion of the full res version and you will see what i mean. it looks alot more convincing than straight smooth plastic lookingh skin

thanks for looking and the comments


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