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Great example, mtngal!
I don't think antishake is a "must" have but I think it's one of those features that can really help at times.
I personally put good high ISO performance above the antishake feature but I reckon that there are times when you really need a helping tool (e.g. slow lens, medium to poor light, no tripod/monopod) and antishake comes in real handy.
So, I guess that for the most of us that can't really fit a VR/OS/IS lens into our budgets, the antishake is a real selling feature. And, as a plus, you have all your lenses stabilized. That is a great thing to know. Maybe in-camera and in-lens stabilization should coexist rather than compete.
Personally, I'm having a hard time deciding between the D80 and the K10D. Unless Pentax really screws up at high ISO, I can't see myself paying more for the Nikon. Allthough, Nikon ergonomy and AF are so good, compared to the others. Auch, though decisions! Waiting for those reviews (Steve? Phil? we are waiting, guys...) so that I can finally get rid of some hard earned cash.
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