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I came very close to buying the original Aiptek IS-DV in Bestbuy today as they have them for just under $100 but Iam still thinking and deciding that the money might to be better spent on getting a new digital camera for my trip as my much loved Minolta F300, while working fine, is on the Sony badsensor list. I don't want to be caught out with murphys law and it go bad on me during our vacation. Also if I buy this deviceand then a camera with a good movie mode,it'll probably end up being left on the shelf as I don't like not using a camera I have invested significantly more money into.I was looking at the mpeg4 cameras butthey all seem to have some quirk about them that I don't like. The Kodak and Pentax cameras, don't seem that great and the Casios seem to be having problems with their latest models, especially the lens mechanism which would put me back into the murphy's law category again!There has never been a better time to buy a digital with the prices they are now,
but there seems to always be some major flaw in the very camera I wantto buy! ARRGH! I always like to do tons (perhaps too much research) but if I don't and buy on a whim, I end up
with something like the PVR which looked great at first until I discovered too late that it had a flaw in it's video.
Hmmm... maybe I should go back andbuy that IS-DV after all. Just that I don't have money to throw around like I used to,
so it end's up being an either/or situation...

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