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It'll be a hard sell since compactness and lightness is not so much a factor anymore with the new 300D/Rebel. It's price probably will have to be adjusted to the $800 range to have any appeal... The arrival of the 300D/Rebel just revolutionalized the whole market and will affect every manufacturers and not limited to the A1 or the F828. The 5700 will be even a harder sell for example. This is not limited to compact EVF cameras either, but will also influence buying decision on the SD9, *ist, E1, D100 and even Canon's own 10D dSLR (but that's OK)!

There's no doubt that this 300D/Rebel will sell like hot cakes, just like the 10D previously (in fact this will help to release the production pressure from the 10D and makes it more available)... and so will the reward for Canon with the corresponding lens sales as well! Just good market research and products execution IMO.

... Not to say that 8Mp with the F828 is not any good, or the 1/25s @ 200mm with the A1's IS is not worth having either (The pictures here are taken @ 1/15s). :lol:
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