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Thanks sarah. I have a few more pics from the event, but they're of some really small bands that I sincerely doubt anyone's ever heard of! lol

But I will elaborate on the games and post a few pics from a couple years ago.

Hippylimpics is a SMALL festival, less than 200 people show up usually. First time I went, I expected hippy games, like hackey sack and frisbee sorta things. Apparently those are too obvious, so they have games like the egg toss, tomato golf (a 7 iron and a reeeally green tomato), slip and slide (relay race down a soaped-up sheet of plastic), hula-hoop (endurance game), brain freeze (down a 20oz cup of tasty orange slurpee stuff), a scavanger hunt, and a game I don't think they even have a name for...

You take a pair of panty hose. Put 2 oranges down one leg, and tie it around your waist so that the oranges are suspended between your legs almost touching the ground. You then proceed to sway back and forth, trying to hit another orange laying on the ground and knock it over to your teamate across the way, so on and so forth until all 6 team members have knocked the orange across the playing field. Last year, to make it especially challenging, it was done on GRAVEL.

One of the most fun games I've ever played too! lol
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