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I just wanted to agree with the other comments here and say something specific about one reference that PeterP said.

I spend time on and I would call it a "professional" forum. They take all comers, and don't care if you are a pro or not. But their standards are high, they care more about the art than the hardware and they are - basically across the board - very, very good.

I would suggest you sign up and look at the landscape forum if you want to see stunning pictures.

When several people finish in the top 10 of nation-wide or world-wide contests on a regular basis this says something about the audience. I bet 50% or more sell their work there and a good number of them do photography full-time (i.e. make a living at it.)

I started here, which is why I come back here. I teach photography and digital editing, and hanging out here keeps my brain active on the issues that beginners are facing (and answering them is good practice.) Photographically, I don't really grow much from what I learn here, but its helpful.

If you really want to be a "pro" at some point, I would suggest hanging out here (because we're so nice... this forum is consistently one of the best groups I've ever seen) but also spend time on forms like or They will cover completely different things and you'll learn from them both.

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