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The next instalment.......

I have just been to see a friend of mine who is a pro photographer (and waiting for an award ceremony next week as she is down to the final 3 for the British Institute of Professional Photography and the Master Photographer's Association's Dennis Hylander Award for wedding photography - so much fun having someone around who it a lot better than me), to try out some of her lenses and also try my lens on her 5D to see if the results are similar.

I am going to spend some time looking at them properly later however it does seem that there is a back focus problem with the 70-200, however also with her 24-104 f4 on my 30D there also seems to be some focus issues so I am now thinking that I might have a2 fold issue here. Once I have finished work for the day I will look more closely at the results and come back to you.
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