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From what I've seen, the A100 doesn't have great high ISO performance. The D200 is better
Hmmm, from what the reviewer at dpreview stated at the review site>>> (What I saw)


Between the DSLR-A100 and D200 at these high sensitivities the A100 appears to maintain more detail.

Based on price and other factors such as weather sealing, the K10d has a lot to offer over the A100 and is worth the price difference.

From what I can see, both cameras are rather competent. However, the A100 cost $850 today! And that is very much cheaper than the $1000for the K10D! (IMO)

It is all subjective I guess. (Both cameras with their feature set will be appealing to different people)

D80 is even better
Good that you like it. :-)

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BTW, if CANON, PENTAX, or NIKON were to be the one to release the ALPHA A100 dSLR; Iguess situation would be different. SONYstill seems to be a ratherniche brand for photography from what I can see. (From the people's reaction etc...)

Anyway, I won't try to talk to Nikon, Canon or Pentax owners about Sony.I guess theywould only be interested in their field of things. (And thatcan't be denied )

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