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From what I can see, both cameras are rather competent. However, the A100 cost $850 today! And that is very much cheaper than the $1000for the K10D
I never said either camera was imcompetant. Only that for the extra $150, you get weather sealing, a better viewfinder, and a top side LCD screen. That's quite a bit and in my mind (an enthusiast who does photography as a second job) worth the extra price.
BTW, if CANON, PENTAX, or NIKON were to be the one to release the ALPHA A100 dSLR; Iguess situation would be different. SONYstill seems to be a ratherniche brand for photography from what I can see. (From the people's reaction etc...)

Anyway, I won't try to talk to Nikon, Canon or Pentax owners about Sony.I guess theywould only be interested in their field of things. (And thatcan't be denied )

That's a pretty flippant remark. Although I currently (and will for the long term) shoot Nikon, my prosumer backup camera is a Sony DSC-V3 and my carry everywhere camera is a Sony P93. I happen to love my two sony cameras. I've also at various times shot Minolta (for about 8 years, my main SLR), canon, and a Pentax mounted Ricoh. You can talk to me about any camera manufacturer....I've actually used something from most of them. I want the other manufacturers to continue to release great products that are competitive feature wise and price wise. Its good for the market place and helps push innovation. I'm not so narrow minded that I live in a strictly Nikon colored world.
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