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BenjaminXYZ wrote:
Crappy shutter release sound VS cool but loud shutter release sound: Subjective!!

OMG, do I need to go on???

$1000 VS $850: Yippee, the A100's kitwould be mineanytime!

PENTAX VS SONY: Crappy comparison in my opinion.


It seems that most of your advice is subjective. Looking at your posts (in this topic and others), you are clearly bias against anything non-Sony. To be honest, the ONLY thing the Sony offers over the Pentax are cheaper price (justifiable) and better Marketing of the camera.

Please note, I currently use two different Sony cameras, so there is no use claiming I have issues against Sony. From everything I have tried, read and researched about, the Sony A100 is a good camera, but the only thing promoting its 'image' as 'great' is the marketing behind it. Its like a new camera, that has image quality a LITTLE better than a Canon EOS 350D, with extra bundled features. Clearly, its a Minolta, rushed out of the production line.

I'm a Sony fan, but I don't think the A100 deserves the credit it is getting.

'PENTAX VS SONY: Crappy comparison in my opinion.' - Truer wordsHAVE been spoken.
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