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Hi people,

My father bought an SP500-UZ, and is constantly complaining about the battery life.

I own a C740-UZ, which is a brilliant camera. I use energizer 2500mAH NiMH batteries, which last an extremely long time, my dad has some different branded batteries, but still rated at 2500mAH.

The SP500-UZ says that his batteries are dead, and won't turn on, but my C740 says the batteries are full.
We tried some alkaline batteries but still experience the same problem, the SP500 says they are dead, the C740 runs for upwards of 100 shots with them _after_ the SP500 says they are dead.

The Energizer batteries and no brand batteries read ~1.33V, which is a normal full charge. The alkaline batteries read about 1.55V, which is also normal for new alkalines.

Does anyone else have this sort of issue with their SP500-UZ? Is it possible that this could be a hardware related fault? I understand that the SP500 has a larger LCD, and one might expect that it wouldn't last as long, but it really has pathetic life when compared with the C740 which is >3 years old!

Any help much appreciated.
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