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not sure if i should post this in one of the more general forums...

was wondering if anyone can point me to a good site and program (free) that can make a photoCD that plays continuously and has background music running alongside it. I have a friends wedding to go to and he wants a presentation done with a projector. rather than doing this in powerpoint and having to lug along a laptop, i was thinking it would be easier to hookup a portable dvdplayer to the projector and simply hitting play on it. can photoCD carry more than one slide show? say for instance i want to have a serious slideshow for when guests are coming in, then select a gag slideshow for when i do the toast to the groom. one last question, what resolution do the images have to be? is 6mp dslrs resolution too much or is 800x600 good enough? it most likely will be a svga projector.

Thanks for any help!
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