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i think k10d is a useless piece of junk! what are pentax gurus thinking?

1.yes, a cofee cup holder, where is it?
2. yes, hdtv output is a must have! HDMI with AC3 and DTS 5.1 out is a must! where are they?
3. why is there not a cigarette lighter? at least a pull out ash tray! damn!
4. where is the winter hand heater? i wish with a built in hand massage too, damn! are the engineers sleeping? shouldn't it come with at least 3 memories for 3 members in the family???? does it use thumb print to start the camera or at least it is keyless?
5. a built in battery charger on the go, where is it?
6. where is the mp3 player?
7. the small 2.5" monitor is not touch screen at all, and what is pentax doin with the tiny screen? just 2.5"???? aren't 8" screen is a standard nowadays?
8. i'm expecting the tv receiver, watching soccer and f1 live is a must have on the go?
9. the software is not even running on microsoft windows? hell no! is it compatible with photoshop?
10. there is not even a hardisk in it? at least a 10,000rom 500gig hardisk right?
11. where are the dialing keys? the screen is not even a tough screen? how am i making a call? is it just gsm capable? no 3g? gosh!
12. where is the bluetooth?
13. the weather seals can't even allow the camera to go below 200meters? how am i goin to dive with it?
14. pentax only mention about the so so, so called high performance ddr ram? is it a core 2 processor? why is it not mentioned?
15. what on earth is pentax doin with the casing? plastic? not even a magnesium alloy? shouldn't it come with a titanium casing so easily nowadays?????
16. is the viewfinder night vision?
17. is the camera using fan cooling? can it be upgraded to water cooling and overclocked?
18. the movie capture mode specification still yet mentioned. is it 1080p hdtv, 60fps or just dvd format movie capture?
19. what kind of burning media supported still yet to be mentioned? i hope it supports blue ray burning. where is the burning drive anyway? why i can't find it from the photos? don't tell me the camera can't burn?
20. still no built in gps?

i can't believe it! k10d is a totaly junk, pentax is launching the camera latest by another coming month? with the outstanding 20 must have features above, the k10d is still a brief prototype? another month or less shipping the camera? ami asking too much or is pentax out of their mind with the k10d giving so little? shouldn't i wait for another 20 years before a close to perfect camera is really what i'm looking for? what i want is a camera with so many features i don't even need 10% of what the camera gives, but at least i feel good?

at least give me a k10d with a built in lighter and ash tray to calm me down, please pentax, you know i've no way but buying the k10d soon, i can't wait for the lighter anymore, please! i love k10d!

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