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Ok, the first shot was taken at approx 87mm zoom, f5 and shutter speed of 1/8s

Without IS you would be looking for 1/87s or faster to avoid blur due to hand shake, but even with the typical 2 (possibly 3) stops you would have gained with IS, that would still leave you short looking for 1/22s shutter speed for no blur while handheld.

(1/88 -> 1/44 -> 1/22 (possibly 1/11s))

You camera starts wide angle at f2.8 which is ok, but drops to a very poor f5.3 (very dark, almost two stops darker than wide) when zooming in.

I don't have zoombrowser on my computer thus cannot read what ISO you were using (Canon hide it somewhere not normal so other exif readers can't find it) but you could try boosting the ISO if possible.

So if you where shooting at ISO 50 , ISO 400 would take you up to 1/64s.

You could also not use the zoom and try for a wider aperture ie more light into the camera.

The second was at maximum aperture which is good but the shutter is a full 1sec !

Not a lot you can do there, boost the ISO or use a tripod.

The shot of the chemist using flash , well its ok, but the flash on those little cameras havevirtually no hope of lighting up targets accross the street, really they are meant for targets barely 6ft- 10ft away . Plus again you where zoomed in so the lens stopped down to f5.3.

• Flash range (W): 55cm - 4.2m (1.8ft - 14ft) - auto ISO
• Flash range (T): 55cm - 2.0m (1.8ft - 6.6ft) - auto ISO

So, best to not use the zoom due to the poor f5.3 limit on the lens, so get close, use the highest ISO you can, use flash if very close , bring a tripod or monopod or find somewhere to rest the camera on.

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