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Gaz7 wrote:
By focal length, do you mean what the lens is set to? I mean, the range of the lens is 24-120, and i was shooting today with it set on 35. Is that what you mean by focal length?
Yes. Zoom in more if you want to get a shallower DOF with a mroe compressed background (use longer focal lengths/higher mm numbers).

Also, is there any software available that can show where the focus point of the picture was?
AFAIK, Sony doesn't store the focus point. I checked through the menus in Sony's Data Converter SR viewing a .sr2 (raw file) from the DSC-R1, and there was no way to get to it. If it's not in the raw, it's probably not in the jpeg either.

Some camera models (i.e., Canon DSLRs) do store the focus pont. But, it doesn't look like Sony does.

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