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Thanks for the comments.

How does it work zooming in at non fish-eye but some good WA ?
Narmer - Zooming in 2-3x with the fz5 and opteka .22x removes all vignetting and a good bit of barrel distortion. It isn't as free of distortion as the raynox dcr6600 .66x (24mm equiv wa), but it's not real bad and the corners aren't terrible.

Here are comparisons with the fz5 alone and with the fz5 and 6600.

FZ5 alone 36mm equiv; f2.8, 1/125s

FZ5 at 3x zoom with opteka .22; f3.2, 1/80s

FZ5 with dcr6600 24mm equiv; f2.8, 1/125s

FZ5 at 2x zoom with opteka .22x; f3.2/ 1/100s

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