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Default Re: Help uploading images

Originally Posted by UKJ
Recently purchased the Olympus Mju 400, which is a 4MP camera.
By all accounts this is an excellent camera and also world leader as a fashion accessory. As your prints are fine there is no need to worry.

Get another viewer, and see which one suits you best. I like Irfanview ( because it's free and wonderful, and also xnview (, also freeware.

Another factor to consider is that many digital cameras in their default modes (and sometimes all the time) apply digital sharpening to their images, helping to produce stunning results when printed at approx. 6x4 inches. The sharpness is a highly desirable optical illusion, but it needs to be done appropriately for the size at which the image is viewed. Maybe you can turn it on or off somewhere on the camera to suit your taste, but if you intend doing big prints it's better to turn it off and add it later using an image editor like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.
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