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RiceHigh wrote:
gadgetnut wrote:
This is posted in wrong forum. Could a moderator please move it to the Pentax Digicam forum?
I'm actually not intended to discuss about the E10, but solely about how Pentax are outsourcing their manufacturing and/or R&D jobs for their products. And how bad the effect to a brand name and its reputation can be if this is not done and controlled properly.
I think it'sfairly obvious, from the title you chose to use on this thread, what you're intentions were. You have started at least three other threads in this forum with titles that focus on negative perceptions of Pentax equipment. Seeing as how this is a Pentax forum (and you know full-well what the reactions to these threads will be) it's obvious that you aren't asinterested in discussing these issues as you are stirring up trouble.
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