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milrodpxpx wrote:
BenjaminXYZ wrote:
Sorry, that was just kidding only. :G
Benjamin, I've been watching your posts here and in the 'what to buy' forum. You make alot of valid points in that forum, and a few in here as well. I don't quite understand though, why you come into all the Ricehigh posts and defend him to no end, to a fault.

This thread in particular, does not even belong in this forum. If ricehigh wanted to do anything in any way shape or form to cause anything aside from trouble, it could have been done in the following manner:

this should have been posted in the pentax digicam forum. if Ricehigh were had any positive things to say at all, that post would contain the following: a disclaimer to all pentax digicam owners that the division at pentax that makes their dSLRs has a much higher quality product that shouldn't be compared with their digicams.

Instead, he posted it in the DSLR forum, the only pentax forum where their owners actually care and choose their products because they are a good product (i'm not saying they are the best DSLRs by any means, but that they suit the needs of many people who are on a budget but still want quality).

Again, i just don't understand your endless defending of ricehigh, can you offer us an explanation?

I believe since he has not bought that perfect camera yet for his price he has to do something.

I am feeding the troll like post and apologize but this stuff is really nothing more than a waste of bandwidth including my post.
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