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I've been using this camera for a while now and I love it. But
recently I began using the video part of it and I have a couple of

1. How do I save the two (2) files that make up the playable video as
one file? Could be in another format, or maybe there's software to
make them one?

2. How do I "edit" the bad sections of the video clips so that I can
make files that have only the good parts. Again, do I edit one of the
two files, use some software to make them one file, or what?

If there is some freeware software that will make this work... that's
even better! I see that sony has a on-board cutting feature, but I'm really looking for some way to do a better job of editing than haphazardly cutting a clip and losing the original in the process.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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