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My current camera is a Canon A610 and it's fine for my needs. Being a dumb single white male I'm thinking of upgrading.. I saw a 8.1MP camera with lots of features for cheap, but it had the same 1 1/8 sensor as my current camera.

If you're using the same sensor, do the extra MP do you any good with picture clarity? I found a web page that explained it all, but it was huge and full of math and gave me a headache and no easy answer.

I'm almost thinking that if I just set the A610 to Super Fine mode my pics will be as clear as the 8.1MP with the same sensor if it's at normal mode? I'm a little jaded. I know that MP is what is selling, and theres got to be a lot of crap marketing hype trying to get me to update even if there is no advantage. Thank you for any replies.

- Joe
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