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Originally Posted by RSD
Since you have an A70, can you tell me if the purple fringing and the blurryness happens a lot?

on and btw i heard that the lcd on the A70 gets scratched easily? is this true?

or should i just wait a month and then get the A80 since its not going to cost that much more (probably just a 100 more right?)
Now, you can take this for what it's worth becuase, I am by no means an expert but, I haven't noticed any problems with purple fringing or softness. You can look at my pics and/or, head over to and look through the A70 pics.
The LCD is going to scratch easily, no way around that. Does it scratch easier than others? I really don't know but you can purchase LCD protetors or even buy the ones the sell for PDA's and cut the to fit.
As far as the A80 goes, you have to ask yourself if the added cost is justifiable. You can print out great 8X10's with the A70 but, if you're going to be cropping alot and still want to print out a lot of 8X10's, you might want to consider the extra cost of the A80. Don't forget, no matter what camera you buy, you are going to need a bigger memory card and, you're probably going to want to invest in some goog rechargeable batteries and a charger. This will sest you back around another $100 so, take that into account as well.
I hope this helps and, feel free to ask anymore questions.

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