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Glyn2 wrote: Thanks im trying to find an owner of the perfect size / fit this bag seems to be not Quite there but thanks .
Hi. I got my R2 two weeks ago and have been looking around for a case. I had requirements similar to yours and I finally chose this one:

The TLZ 20 is a top loading holster case which comes with shoulder strap and loop on the back to attach to belt. It does NOT come with internal velcro dividers. This sill be important later.

The Camera fits snugly yet there is enough room to easily grasp the hand-hold.
Potential downside is that the weight of the camera is on the lens as there are no internal dividers which can be used to support it from the 'shoulder' .... the body.

I happened to have quite a long divider o my own from another case and was able to test it in the shop. The internal fabfic of the TLZ 20 is exactly what is needed to accept and clig on to Velcro so I was able to use my own.

The R" is asymetrical. I have the long divider going vertically down the case so that it snugly holds thelens along the left side of the case and goes high enough to catch the camera body to prevent thelens from touching the bottom. It slides smoothly in and out and if walking around with the top of the case open, I can move confidently and bend down and up again and the camera is secure. It is not as 'deep' as some cases, and so does not hang out so far when on the belt loop.

The belt loop, by the way is 'quick release .. .a stiff flap which is then secured with velcro and a popper button. When attaching to the belt, it is actually ber simple to slide the flap, wrestle the popper and that means the velcro alignment is then perfect and the thing will not come undun unless i psitively Upop it.

The only downside is that the top opens 'toward' me when on my belt . I also stiched some velcro as a secondary fastening. The fastening clip it secure, but takes me two hands to close or open the bag.

So .. that's the story of the case that I chose.

Last week when I was researching for cses, then this thread on the Digital Camera Review forum was very useful indeed:

All the best to you as you find a case

Glyn Powell
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