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bigdawg schreef:
Welcome Richard. Glad to have you aboard. I'm building a garage workshop and the walls are made of steel panels over a rubber foam insulation. It's a lot more moisture pruff than paper and actually that is it's function. The foam layer is a moisture barrier and keeps the metal panels from sweating and dripping into the building!

I'm about to join all those lens toters myself as I plan on the near future to buy a K10D Pentax myself. I've already got about 10 lenses for it as I have had a K1000 for over twenty years now. Bought more on Ebay and am bidding on some as we speak! LOL That's the problem with the DSLRs. Never enough lens!! LOL

Thanks for the welcome Dawg,

Yes, I know about your Pentax, you wrote about it in the Pentax forum.

You'vecatch a severe LBA and you don't even own a dslr yet!

That's why I ordered the C 743, no LBA! LOL :lol:

No, I really like the kodak colours, and I really needed a camera to take with me all the time didn't I ?

Like the pictures of yopur garage, like pictures of the odinairy surroundings of people, allways different - thus interresting- than mine.


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