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pj1974 wrote:

I guess this is just personal taste. Not that this diminishes my respect for the "studio style" work of folk like Frank, Zak, 24 Peter, etc, etc. Just I like the outdoors and it seems people photographed outdoors more. So that's one reason why I particularly like this photo you've taken, and also the photos people outdoors others have shared, like urbanaries, aladyforty, etc, etc.

Well done again Bob. I will end here... Congratulations to all who read this far.. :?

since my ears were burning, thought i'd weigh in:G

My work is commissioned by private individuals, and yes they tend to like to do outdoors, even when the weather's bad! The real "pro's" (zak, peter, jedmag, frank, et al) however appear to be commissioned by models or others in the fashion/advertising industry, which dictates the more polished studio look. If you were buying marketing for your materials, you might like their style more! But maybe not for a wall-portrait of a loved one, although there is a definitive trend toward high-fashion portriature especially in wedding photography.

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